Constance J. Vandervelde

cj-vanderveldeConstance J. Vandervelde, the founder of Vandervelde PLC, emotionally and financially invests in the resolution of Virginia Beach residents’ legal problems. Their success is her success. Victories are shared between lawyer and client. That level of commitment only scratches the surface of her undying respect and unwavering dedication.

A Dedicated And Compassionate Attorney Pursuing The Best Outcome For You

From the moment you retain Vandervelde PLC for a real estate or family law matter, you know that you have a diligent and dedicated advocate at your side. Her compassion for clients and personalized approach to their cases have led to a strong referral base of her clients’ family members and friends.

Whether you need help with a real estate transaction or adoption, she works with you, not for you. You are a vital part of the legal team and have a say in possible negotiation or trial.

Aggressive Representation For In-State And Out-Of-State Clients

While she is committed to the local community, Constance J. Vandervelde provides the same level of diligent representation for out-of-state clients. Florida is a popular tourist attraction with people visiting from all over the country and the world.

Occasionally, tourists will find themselves charged with serious traffic violations. Remaining in the state until their case is resolved is not practical professionally or personally. Our firm’s founder will take on all aspects of out-of-state cases, including all appearances in court and negotiations with prosecutors.